Happy Birthday To Me!!

September 10, 2016

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll notice I changed the name on the page… It’s still a Dusty Path, but now I’ve started the ‘Journey Beyond Thirty.’ Yesterday was my 30th birthday… so hard to believe that’s true! It feels like now I have to be a real adult. Weird.

Anyway, I want to live life and make the most of the adventures and make some new goals. So the first thing I did on my birthday was go for a walk – a 10k distance. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that distance so it was quite an accomplishment for me – I’m so proud I had to share my stats. (Keep in mind I know I’m slower than a turtle, but I’m working on it)

The rest of the day was restful and just what I wanted – a nap, some sewing,  birthday-cake-flavored gum, pizza, and catching up with Mom & Dad.

Here’s to the next year… Let’s do this!



Rainy Day Fun

April 17, 2016

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but here in our part of Kansas it has been very dry. So when it started raining this morning we praised the Lord!

Instead of doing some of the normal weekend chores, we had a bit of a lazy day. I caught up on a few things inside and then went to my craft room…


Jaz helped me put together this cute new tote bag. I’m excited to use it this week!

And then we also made our first batch of homemade popcorn- it was a yummy treat, but we do have a few tweaks to make next time 🙂


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of us jumping in puddles at one point. So fun, but I was soaked when we finally came inside!

It’s kept on raining allllll day long and is expected to continue for days- so we’ll keep on thanking and praising!


Bananas for bananas… yum!

April 17, 2016

One of the things we’ve grown to love about our Bountiful Baskets are the bananas! I don’t know what makes them different… except maybe they are more fresh? Or just because they are coming from smaller farms?

I don’t know, but we love the bananas. And since they don’t come every week, when I had a chance to buy a whole box- I did!


Do you know how many bananas come in a 40 pound box? I tried to keep track, but all I came up with was A LOT!


What does someone do with all those bananas? We cut ours up and froze them!  It’s the prefect snack -like a bite of ice cream, goes great in my smoothies, and I can thaw whatever I need for specific recipes. And now we won’t have to think about buying any soon :).

This week we finally ate through the last bunch that we’d left whole. Made for a great addition to breakfast. snd not so healthy, but I sure enjoyed that fresh banana split…


So, now that we have a freezer full of bananas I’m looking for new things to try — what do you do with bananas? Any favorite recipes I should try?



January 24, 2016

I don’t know what you would call it…. cucumber lemonade? But it tasted more like limeade? Without the limes though…. So I’ve settled on cucumber-ade for ease of discussion.

This morning I set out to use the few things left we have from last week’s Bountiful Basket. I had no idea what to do with the cucumbers or lemons so they headed for the food processor (I didn’t think to take pictures until it was already a mess…).

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more greens in by mixing then up with some of my favorite fruits and today was another good experience with that. This gem included three cucumbers, the juice from two lemons, two apples, and a cup of water. It looked really weird, but I knew I needed to give it a chance…


And turns out, it was delicious!!! I will definitely remember this for later, too! It had just enough sweet for me (you could add a bit if a sweetener if you wanted) and then the tangy/tart-ness.

Completely real and refreshing… and gave me something tasty to drink all morning!

What’s the craziest way you’ve had cucumbers? I’d love to hear some more ideas!


Personal Project… Read: Challenge

January 19, 2016

Since I work in the financial industry, today was one of the many treasured days off. It was a treat! I got a ton of things done around the house, but I also started on a personal project.

Have you ever had one of those projects that seemed like it might be a challenge, but you wanted to tackle it anyway? Something come up that you wanted to try even if it didn’t seem practical?

Well, today on my day off, among many other things, I started tackling a sewing project that I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time! An Apple Core Quilt. Err… Maybe I should call it a table runner or something instead, because I surely am not going to be able to make this into a full-size quilt! Though I am making this out of scraps and don’t have fabric for a full quilt, it’s turned into a tougher pattern to sew than I thought it might.

My first challenge was to cut them all out… and had to buy a couple extra tools to make it easier. The mini rotary and a rotating cutting mat made it so much easier to cut the pieces out by template! If you decide to try this pattern out, I would highly recommend a little investment to make it easier on yourself…


I didn’t expect that to be the easy part in this project. Somehow in all the moments I thought about making this pattern and dreaming about how it might turn out I forgot to think about the actual sewing. Those curves are tough!

My sweet kitty (who is fine enjoy-er of every quilt… no matter the stage) decided to help when it came to laying out the pieces…

When I finished sewing today, I had 2 full rows together and a handful of pairs. There’s a ton of sewing left to go, but I think this is one that I’m going to have to take a couple days (spread out) to finish up.

I probably should have thought about this one a little more…. oh well! 🙂 I’m glad to have found something to use these scraps in. And glad to try this project. Doubt I’ll be making any more, but that may change down the road…

And now that I’ve had my fun day of playing, I have to go get ready to start my college class… feeling overwhelmed already!



January 17, 2016

In our house, we get so excited for fresh food now! It’s amazing the shift since before we started ordering Bountiful Baskets. Even now, I go to the grocery store to buy produce and come home with nothing… It’s so much easier to make myself eat it when someone else is picking it out for me. Sad as it is, it’s fact.

This past weekend was the first basket we’ve been able to get since right after Thanksgiving. Breath of fresh air… or bite of fresh food 🙂 Here’s everything we got this time – Oranges, lemons, a mango, apples, kiwi, avocados, cucumbers, carrots (huge!), beets, kale, chilies, spaghetti squash, grapefruit, cauliflower, ginger, onions, and parsley… I think that’s everything.


It takes a little bit of time, but it’s become my preference to take a few hours after picking up our basket to get everything prepped. What I mean is – How are we going to use this stuff? Typically I chop it up to freeze, but some things get cut up for the fridge, too. It makes using this food so much easier later on.


Here’s what I did with a few of these things….

  • Kiwi – Cut up to eat out of the fridge
  • Onions – Diced, separated, and frozen! I cry like a baby cutting up onions, so this is an easy way to do it all at once.
  • Carrots – cut up and and frozen. Perfect to drop into soup or a quick stove-top meal.
  • Avocados – Pureed. I left this in the fridge so I could use it in smoothies, but I may have to mix up a batch of cookies later…
  • Cauliflower – Pureed. Hoping to try out a ‘Deceptively Delicious’ recipe
  • Beets – Greens chopped for smoothies. Bulb cut up and frozen.
  • Mango – Chunked and frozen for smoothies.
  • Kale – Ready for smoothies!

And then the extra special thing this time was ginger… I had no idea what to do with this. Friends suggested ideas on storing it, but I didn’t know what to DO with it so I got on Pinterest. It’s a super dangerous place, I know, but this time I found a big win – Ginger Chews. Great recipe and my first attempt at something like this!


After it cooled in the dish, I cut them into pieces and put in the fridge for later. I did cook it a little long so it’s more like hard candy, but I like hard candy, too! 🙂

And now we have so much gooood food to eat this week. Prepped and ready- Yum!


2016 Challenges

January 6, 2016


Did you make any resolutions? I have made some goals, but haven’t really thought of them as resolutions this year. This year, I’m going to think of them as challenges. Taking on a challenge to do something. To do better. To work at something. To agree that even if I fall off the wagon, I can get right back on it!

— My husband and I decided to participate in the Penny Challenge to build up a little bit of an extra stash for next year. On January 1st we put one penny in our jars. Then on the 2nd we added 2 more, 3 more on the 3rd day, and so it continues on. The fun thing about this one is that my parents are doing it, too! That and ending up with an extra $667 or so will be cool, too.

— We also challenged each other to complete 2,016 miles in 2016. We are including the miles we walk on a normal basis plus extra exercise miles, too. Yikes! This is going to be a BIG challenge for me! It averages out to about 5.5 miles a day that I need to walk and I typically only get 2.5. Here’s to pushing myself!!

— A challenge I’m taking on personally, is to get under a certain weight by my 30th birthday (EEEEKS!) this year. I don’t really want to share the numbers right now, but do I have hard numbers to look towards. This encompasses a lot of things – healthy eating, exercise, discipline…

— I also know that I don’t spend as much time in prayer or in my bible each day as I should. Actually, I can’t even say I do it with a regular schedule. I mean, I pray throughout the day, but not usually with specific time set apart. I am going to  challenge for myself to spend at least 10 minutes a day doing this… it’s a place to start.

— And my last challenge for the year is to have 52 weeks of gratitude. Sometimes it is easy to lose focus and get caught up in the negativity. My hope is that if I have something different to focus my gratitude on each week I will spend more time being grateful for lots of things instead of negative about a few.

I have a lot of room for improvement… here’s to a challenging year!

Did you make resolutions? Goals? Take on some challenges? Tell me about them in a comment below!